Claudia has been very supportive and hands on with her approach to helping me overcome difficulties with sinusitis and blocked tubes in the ears. Medicines were not effective but her therapies have been. The volume on the TV is now turned down much to my husband's relief! The relief in my head, neck and shoulders is primarily due to her massage magic candles and advice on supplements. Many thanks for your care and calm, soothing surroundings, long may you continue to provide this help and support.

Kerry, Arnside
A lovely relaxing treatment, very enjoyable.

Sandy, Arnside
I went to the Natural Health & Beauty Clinic for the first time about ten month ago. I had decided to have a manicure because my arthritis made my hands very painful and my grip had become very weak so it was hard to use a nail file! As she carefully manicured my nails, Claudia mentioned that, with Bioregulatory Medicine, my arthritis could be helped. I was very sceptical, but nothing else had helped at all so I decided I had nothing to lose.
Within a few weeks of beginning treatment my hands were improving. I was no longer waking up with painful stiff fingers and I could actually remove the lid of a jar without using gadgets!
My arthritis was not treated in isolation - a holistic approach was taken. There were some ups and downs, as my body adapted and learnt to help itself. Now, however, ten month on, I feel healthier and happier than I have for many years. As to my hands- I recently started sewing again and am able to use a fine needle for hand stitching very nearly pain-free. 10th may 2012

Massage is very soothing and ingivorating. It also incorporates the therapeutic effects of touch. If you are feeling down and blue, start your day with some exercise followed by a massage. You can do some massage yourself or you can ask a friend to give you a massage. Of course, the massage by a massage therapist is preferred. One of the most promising areas of massage research is in relation to reducing anxiety levels and improving mood. Several studies published this year offer solid validation for that claim. Other positive psychological changes often accompany the reduction in anxiety. For instance, a Swedish study of severely ill patients found two key psychological benefits to massage: a feeling of being “released from an illness for a while” and deep satisfaction resulting from the perception of “thoughtful attention.

Sylvia, Arnside
I am a person who can not relax. The treatments I received in your clinic made me relax and feel fabulous afterwards. I am coming in again.

Lynne, Chief Executive Cancer Care, Lancaster
After a particularly busy and stressful few weeks I decided to partake of a neck, shoulder and back massage treatment at the Natural Health and Beauty Clinic at Arnside. I was warmly welcomed by Claudia Carrillo to the clinic, where the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. My therapy was excellent and I felt the benefits for several days afterwards. In fact I am thinking of booking a regular session. Many thanks to Claudia - I would not hesitate to recommend you and your therapies to anyone who asked me.

Sylvia, Arnside
I never had a massage like that before, it was absolutely wonderful. I feel very relaxed.

Jane, Arnside
The surrounding was very peaceful, especially with the music. The massage was very relaxing, professional and made me feel like I was in another world. I would recommend this to everyone.

Sue, Arnside
The staff and treatments always make me feel special, i never want too leave, thanks so much.

Very friendly, feel relaxed, and very approachable! Excellent results !

Jan, Arnside
Always happy and cheerful, and there when i need them!

Emily, Arnside
Claudia is great! Always leave with a smile and much relieved back, neck, and shoulders!

Elizabeth, Arnside
I feel so much better with their treatments and it is such a joy to come here.

Kath, Arnside
They always make me feel better, give me a bit of life!

Edwina,Burton in Kendal
The staff is very welcoming, professional and I go away feeling 100% better - all health clinics should be like this one.

Julia, Arnside
After my treatment, I alsways feel relaxed and refreshed. Thank you!

Ann, Yealand
I would recommend the clinic highly because of the relaxing atmosphere, excellent and pleasant staff. I am always able to book in with my prefered therapist which keeps me at ease and gives me the confidence of continuity in my treatments. The treatments are excellent.

Sue, Arnside
Carly has such beautiful soothing hands.

Amy, Lancaster
The Tibetan Hot Bundle Massage was fantastic, very relaxing and I would recommend it to everyone!

Discrete and professional service. The real alternative to the NHS!

Mary, Arnside
The staff is very thorough and thoughtful! I am going there regularly for different treatments and enjoy it.

Janet, Arnside
I have not had such a pedicure done so well for the past year ( I went regularly to another beautician but the clinic was recommended to me), very good foot massage too.

Nigel, Arnside
It is a friendly and professional service. They sorted my very bad back problem. I would highly recommend the team.

Helen, Storth
The reflexology session was wonderful and gave me back some quality time - very relaxing !

Vicki, Burton in Kendal
The team has a very professional approach and a wide range of services, the clinic provides a one stop therapy and beauty shop - ver convenient.

Jan, Burton in Kendal
They do the best massages around! Always accommodating, always find time for the client. Great service and lovely friendly staff.

Elaine, Arnside
Every treatment has been perfect and so relaxing, such a friendly & professional atmosphere!

Gordon, Arnside
Great bodywork, my back feels so much more agile.

Carol, Silverdale
They make me feel magnificient after a long tired day! Thank you.

Kerry, Silverdale
Great treatments and very friendly staff. Good support and great to have it as a local business

Phil, Lancaster
I have been to see Claudia a few times now and what impresses me most is how she always goes the extra mile. Last time I went I had texted her at 8pm and she managed to see me at 10am the following morning which is now unheard of on the NHS. Her knowledge of alternative therapies is second to none and I would advise you all to put anyone you know with twinges, aches and pains or indeed any medical condition in touch with her to see how she can help.
Phil Tarburn from Tarburn & Company - Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

Charlotte, Arnside
I came to the Natural Health & Beauty Clinic for a full body massage which was wonderful, totally relaxing and relieved all my tension. I am a regular customer since then.

Antony, Southport
My Tennis Elbow in both arms, I have had for a very long time, has been cured within six weeks with Mesotherapy. A "trapped nerve" in my back was actually tension which has been cured with 2 sessions only. Thank you to the team of the clinic.

Julia, Arnside
The Tibetan Hot Bundle treatment was lovely! Very relaxing, I didn't want to go home!

Karen, Silverdale
I have been coming here since April 2011. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and all the staff are firendly and very welcoming.

Wendy Walton-onThames
Whilst staying with a friend in Arnside I damaged my back and was in a lot of discomfort. I cannot thank Claudia enough for seeing me at 5o'clock on a SUNDAY afternoon...unheard of !!!! She gave me an acupuncture with electric current and heat which unknotted the offending muscles enough to enable me to return home by train,and I have continued to improve. I was most impressed with her treatment and professionalism

Erin, Arnside
Eyelash Extensions. I was invited by a friend to get my eyelashes extended with Semi - Permanent Lashes and it was amazing! I loved my lashes which looked very natural but so much prettier, fuller and longer and they lasted really! I definately have them done again!

Elizabeth, Arnside
Acupuncture. I suffer from Arthritis in my knees and receive regularly Acupuncture for it. I am always looking forward to my Acupuncture Sessions because my pain improves notably and I do feel that I can walk with more ease instantly. I think I do benefit from the treatments extremely,even so it can not cure my condition, it lifts my spirit and I am steadier on my feet.

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